Welcome to the SPARQL end-point of! currently contains open metadata on 43 million texts, images, videos and sounds gathered by Europeana. The data follows the terms of the Creative Commons CC0 public domain dedication. The data is described using the Resource Description Framework (RDF) format, and structured using the Europeana Data Model (EDM). We provide more details about the published EDM Linked Open Data on Europeana Labs.

For an example of collections included in Europeana, please have a look at Europeana Labs featured datasets.

The terms of use and external data sources appearing at are provided on the Europeana Data sources page.

Sample queries and documentation are available on the queries page.

For an introduction to SPARQL and EDM, see the blog SPARQL for Humanists by Matthew Lincoln

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Dataset statistics

Last updated2015-07-13
Number of Statements1,806,753,903
Number of CHO43,356,557